a GPS Tracking App for
Active People, Cyclists and Runners.

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OnTrack GPS Sport Tracking

• Track your activity in high resolution and save the GPX data file for upload, compatible with many other health apps and web sites.
• Follow previously saved and downloaded tracks.
• Communicate your location via SMS, with options to automatically respond to friends allowing them to remotely monitor your activity.
• Follow Google Maps routes to addresses and destination points.
• Upload your completed activity direct to STRAVA.
• Connects to ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors on compatible mobile phones.

Facebook Support Page: OnTrack GPS Sport Tracking

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Free Version

Professional Version

Record and display track in high resolution, logging time, distance, altitude and speed.

Choose from Google Maps, Terrain and Satellite views.

SMS Message your location to friends. If friends are also using OnTrack they can automatically reply with their location, displaying on your map.
s1 locliconunlockicon
Lock display to GPS coordinates or float map freely to explore.

Set map to North or rotate to direction of travel.

Display current GPS coordinates and address.

Overlay current Traffic Congestion
(Google Services)

AMOLED Display option to reduce power consumption on AMOLED devices (No Map)
s2 destinationicon
Set Destination by searching Address, Lat/Long or "Long-Click" anywhere on map.

Choose Google map routing for
Drive, Cycle or Walk.

Display direct range and bearing to destination.

Option to lock out control to prevent accidental tracking STOP. "Long-Click" or Hold the STOP button to release.

Lap Timing with Auto Lap Detection. Optionally uses volume controls to set and view lap times and distances.
Load saved GPX track files to display and follow course on map.

OnTrack SMS locations from other users are displayed on map.
s3 Connect to ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors for compatible phones. Most Samsung and Sony phones are ANT+ ready.

ANT+ Heart Rate Monitoring displays current Heart Rate and Graph. Click on graph to return to GPS status display.

Import other GPX files via your devices "Download" folder.
(Saved from Web or Email)
s4 dispsavedicon
Review saved tracks with map preview and basic statistics.

Display detailed statistics of saved tracks:
- Elevation
- Speed
- Heart Rate
(ANT+ HRM and compatible phone required)
s6 stravacompat
Manually or Automatically save completed tracks to STRAVA. One-time log in to your STRAVA account.

Share and Archive your GPX file via Email, Google Drive or MS OneDrive.

Share map preview on Facebook.

Manage saved files.
s8 Comprehensive Settings to customise OnTrack:

- Default Map Zoom and Type
- Reverse GeoCoding to display current address.
- Routing Methods (Drive/Cycle/Walk).
- Current Traffic Congestion from Google displayed in Red (High) or Green (Moderate).

- Automatically reply to other OnTrack users with your current position.
- Set default SMS contact number and message (choose manually on send if not set).
- Configure SMS Key Phrase to automatically respond current location to anyone.
          (Default: "Where r u")
- Default Email Address for GPX sharing (choose manually on send if not set).

- Choose between Metric and Imperial units of measure.
- Keep display visible while tracking. This prevents time out while recording tracks.
- Auto lockout control on START to prevent accidental STOP.
          "Long-Click" or HOLD to release.
- Enable LAP Function. This disables the use of Volume Control while operating.
          Volume Up: Start New Lap
          Volume Dn: Show Track/Lap Time
- Enable AUTO LAP detection (Requires LAP Function Enable)